Tuesday, January 17, 2012

M1 Reception

This past weekend was really fun!  Friday night we got a babysitter for Miss Elise and we headed downtown to the University Club for a reception that was held in honor of all the M1 students.  We were able to car pool with the Lindsays. 

It was especially nice since it was free dinner and drinks!  Other people were glad that we gave away our free drink tickets for the bar.  We had a great time feeling like a 10-year-old's ordering things like a Shirley Temple (cherry sprite).  I was excited to know that soda was totally free!!  You better believe that put down several :)  It was fun to have a date night out with Zack and to meet a lot of his school friends that I hadn't seen before. 

Saturday Zack took me out shopping for my birthday!  He was so great- he already knew what he wanted to get for me but he took me along to try things on for size so that I wouldn't have to exchange them later.  I had a great time being spoiled- thanks babe! 

Now if only the Packers had won it would have been a perfect weekend!


Shantel said...

How fun! I love cute (and free) dates like that.

Kristen and Garrett Halligan said...

I hope you brought some containers to bring some of that free soda home in... (ahem cheer cali trip). I also hope free is still as exciting for us when were better off as it is now... :) sounds like a fun weekend!