Friday, January 20, 2012

Candles and Cake

Yesterday was my 26th birthday.  I can harldy believe it myself!  Is it just me or does everyone always feel like they are a good 5 years younger than they really are?  Granted the whole kid thing puts on a few years but generally I still feel like I'm only 21.

The day itself wasn't all that eventful.  It was your typical day!  That is the problem with getting older.  Your mom doesn't get to come to school with treats for everyone, your friends don't decorate your locker, you don't get checked out of school to go to lunch.  You don't skip all your college classes that day to sleep in until noon and do nothing.  It's just not the same.  That being said I wouldn't trade anything for where I am at in my life right now!  I have a wonderful, hard working and most important- good looking husband and a baby that I couldn't love any more if I tried.
Zack took me shopping for some new birthday clothes and I'll have to show you those in another post later.  We are also planning on going out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate again.  All of Zack's friends at school offer to watch Elise all the time!  They think she is the cutest baby- and who could argue?  So we might take them up on it and enjoy some time just the two of us! 
We finished off the night with this little beauty.  It is a Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake- recipe found here.  I was quite proud of myself!  I made the mousse from scratch as well as the ganache- that's right I made a ganache!  It isn't very difficult either!


Elizabeth said...

That looks so so so yummy.

Shauna said...

I totally agree - birthdays aren't the same now that we are grown up! And I really don't feel 26 either! We are not that old!! Totally take advantage of willing babysitters and go party it up! That cake looks so good - great job!

Nicole said...

Yay! Sorry I wasn't around so you could have a party ;) ha ha!! Jk. The cake looks delish and I hope you do go out just the two of you!!