Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zack's Birthday

Zack turned 26 yesterday!  We had a great time celebrating it with a few of his good friends from school.
  Amy (holding Elise), Zack and Hemel
Zack was able to break away from his busy busy school schedule to come home a bit earlier and enjoy praises, food, and of course cake!  I'm not sure what his wish was but he did get all the candles out in one shot- so it's bound to come true right?
He is much wiser in the past year that has transpired!  He has learned the following in his 25th year:
-how to get into medical school
-how to fill up gas in a u-haul truck
-that Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa are not places he ever wants to live
-how to change poopy diapers
-how to make a girl laugh on cue
-how to be a wonderful father
-he became the Dominion master
-Washing off the cadaver smell is not always easy
-how to ace biochemistry and anatomy
-that cramming 8lbs. of food in your mouth at one time is possible
-Moving 2 times in one year is no fun
-being the head microscopist is tough work
-how to graduate in Physiology and Developmental Biology
-and best of all how to keep these two crazy girls just as in love with him as the day we met him :)


Shauna said...

Ok this is going to sound very very racist (I promise I don't mean it to be), but I love how Zack's two friends from medical school aren't white. Very fitting indead! Happy birthday Zack! Can't wait to celebrate with you when you come to Utah!

emily said...

happy birthday to zach! and what a sweet post about him - i love it.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Zacky!

Holly Petty said...

Happy Birthday Zack!!