Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Zacky Day!

Happy Birthday to this guy!!  This is one of my favorite pictures of him.  This was taken in summer 2009 on the streets of Hong Kong somewhere.   Doesn't that meat look delicious?

Zack's birthday was on November 14th and we had a great time spreading the celebration out for a week.  
The festivities began on his birthday this past Sunday.  With his calling he had the pleasure of getting up early and go to 5 hours of meetings even BEFORE our 3 hour block of church started :)  After church, we headed up to Sandy to celebrate with his whole family.  We ate one of his favorites- chimichangas!  His parents and siblings spoiled him with some great gifts!  My parents and Zack's parent and me all pitched in and bought Zack the new iPod touch.  Unfortunately it was still en route from China, so he didn't get it on his actual birthday but he surely LOVES his present!  He's hardly been able to put it down since he got it.  Here he is opening the gift when it finally came in the mail!
He was definitely putting on some great faces for the camera.  Even though he is acting here, I swear he really was that excited to finally have his present here. 

Ah, sweet bliss!  It finally came :)  Zack, I sure do love you!!  We have the best times together and I am so happy to be married to my best friend, even if we do finish each others sentences!  I hope you had a fabulous 25th Birthday!!  I hope we have another 65 birthdays left in store to celebrate!

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Amy Lovell said...

Dang what kind of calling does he have? Bishop? Got to love celebrating birthdays!