Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Showers!

This past weekend I was very spoiled!  I had two showers in one day!  It was a lot of fun :)  One was a family shower, the other was with some of my girlfriends.  It was so fun to see all my friends and family that I don't see often and to visit with them.  Here are some photos from the day!
Here I am with my mom, sisters Nicole and Natalie, and their adorable little girls Ali and Emery.  My mom hosted the shower at her house and put it all together!  She did such a great job!
 Here is a picture of the 'spread'.  My mom had the shower be similar to a little girls tea party!  Of course there was pink everywhere, and we even got to eat on glass plates with little glass teacups.  She set out all of her antique dolls on the table too.  The food was delicious of course!
 All of the Pugh ladies were able to come as well!  It was fun to have just the girls from the Pugh side since we rarely see each other without their husbands and kids! They certainly spoiled our little girl and I was happy they could all come!
 Here I am with my Aunt Denise (who I am named after) and my cute grandpa Watkins at the young age of 94!  He was so excited to come to the shower :)  He told all his friends at his assisted living center that he was going to a shower that day!  I'm glad he was able to be there.  There were MANY more people that came, but for picture overload sake, I won't post them. But a big THANK YOU to everyone who was able to come.  We are so blessed to have this baby girl in our family and appreciate your friendship and generosity to us! 
After my family shower, some of my girlfriends (Shauna, Janae, and Lacy) threw me a shower.  Kristen was kind enough to host it at her home.  I got to see a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a while like old roommates and high school friends.  We had a great time just visiting and catching up. 
Instead of playing games, Shauna instructed everyone in how to make these darling appliqued' onesies! They all turned out so well and will definitely a more personal gift from all the girls.  I love how they turned out.  It was a great day and me and and Elise are some very spoiled and lucky ladies!  I feel much more prepared for her to join our family! 


galbraithfam said...

I really wish I could have been there--you know how I love parties(Presents please) and we love you! I definitely have a present for you and am planning to ship it along with natalie's Christmas package. I hope it will be there in time for Christmas and baby Elise's arrival! Miss you!

Nicole said...

Fun fun! The onesies are so cute! Did you tell me they did that? I don't remember you saying anything after....