Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

No need for a bowling ball under my shirt this time- I got the real deal! This weekend Zack and I were able to go on a triple date with some friends of 'ours'.  I say 'ours' because they are Zacks friends that I then latch onto since he gets to go to school and be social and I teach all day. They are awesome though :)  He is good at picking cool friends.  We had a 'groupon' for bowling at Fat Cats. So we got 2 hours of bowling as well as a delicious meal from Costa Vida.  We played 2 games- 1 regular then for the next one we played we put up the bumpers and tried to hit the LEAST amount of pins!  It was very hard and pretty funny. You should try it some time!
           Dave, Rachel, yours truly, and Zack

After bowling, Rachel (pictured above), suggested we check out a new find of hers.  It is called 'The Chocolate' and it is this adorable dessert bakery off of State Street in Orem.  The owners bought an old home and have re-done it.  You can wander through the house and sit wherever.  They have lots of comfy couches or tables scattered throughout the home and they bring your dessert straight to you.  We had a great time- thanks for the recommendation Rachel! 

This past weekend was also my Fall Break from school.  That means that I only had school Mon-Wed. last week!  It was so great :)  Thursday I cleaned house then picked up Zack from campus and drove him to the airport for his first interview at UTMD in Galveston, TX.  He had QUITE the experience while traveling but his interviews went AWESOME.  I'm so proud of him :)  First one down and I'm sure only more to follow.  Now I just want to start hearing some acceptances!!

While Zack was out of town, I got to be 16 again and hang out with my Mom.  We went to Gardner Village, Roberts, Cafe Rio, watched Letters to Juliet, bought some fabric for a sewing project for Elise's room, and she even took me shopping for some much needed maternity clothes!  My Mom is the best!  I had a great time getting her undivided attention.  The break was as always, too short, but great nonetheless!

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a great break! I totally wish we still lived there so I could go to that dessert place. It sounds like heaven!