Friday, October 22, 2010

Need Your Help: Scariest Sofa Contest

I have entered our couches in RC Willey's Scariest Sofa Contest.  Please PLEASE PLEASE help us out by giving us your votes.  The link to vote for our lovely couch can be found HERE.

If any of you wouldn't mind helping us out even FURTHER by posting this link on your blog or facebook or twitter, for other people to vote for us, we would truly love you forever.  I really appreciate the help!  Thanks :)  And may our ugly couch win!

Here's the beauty in all here glory! While this couch has been great to us- we'd have no problem upgrading it!


Shantel Peaden said...

I voted for you. I hope that you win!

Amy Lovell said...

Consider the couch voted for! Good luck.

emily said...

i voted for ya! good luck!