Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Computer Information Literacy

This is what I spent the majority of my spring break (well, Timpview High School's spring break) doing. Utah State claims that you need to know this information in order to graduate. They feel that by knowing what is on these tests will help you through your classes and benefit the student. Boy were they wrong!! At the start of the 2008-2009 school year I had only 2 of the 6 tests taken and passed. I submit that if I made it a week away from my graduation with still having one of these tests lingering, I surely didn't need them.

Did I have 5 years to take 6 test?

Did I always find something better to do and not care about these test?

I found out yesterday that after 3 attempts I finally passed my spreadsheets exam! Spreadsheets is Excel and they could not have made that test harder. Wow.

I am sure glad to have this done! Graduation here I come!


Amy said...

It took me until one week before I left Logan to take the last 4 as well. Connections should have forced us to take all of them instead of just 2. I also think that all of our stupid training meetings should have excused us from the tests.

Lance and Jewls said...

Ha ha!! I failed the spreadsheets one too....it's a beast! I took a class that MADE you pass them because my motivation is like yours..ha ha! Graduation..YAY!! I'm so excited for you! Since we're moving to S-ville we will have to play!! It's WAY close to Provo (after you are back from China of course!) Wahoo!

Levi Dean said...

I think they are worthless as well. Although I took them back in the day before they revamped them. Back then you if you didn't finish them before you had 30 credits you had to pay to take them again. I'd done the email one so I went in and did the other five in 3 hrs. But if your major is computer engineering you should be exempt. How can I learn to build and program a computer and now be able to pass them with ease?

I fell your pain.

Nicole said...

3rd times a charm, huh?! Glad it's over with!

And glad you finished the books. I can't believe it took you that long AND that you liked the 2nd book the best. CRAZY!!

Chad and Lacy Johnson said...

yay! Congratulations Emily!! :)

Niederfam said...

Nice, third time really must be the "charm" eh??? So lame, at least you are DONE, and I mean DONE!!!! Horray!!!