Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Elise's Birthday

This girl had a lot of celebrating her this month- just as it should be!  We decided to celebrate Elise's birthday as a family a few days earlier than her real birthday because Zack was going to be out of town at an interview that day.  We had a great day and a lot of fun!

Elise woke up to streamers and balloons in front of her door.  It made her pretty happy!

Elise asked for scrambled eggs for breakfast and I thought it would be fun to dye them a color. She requested pink.  I think pink scrambled eggs look a little strange but they still tasted yummy.

We started the day out by going to the Milwaukee Domes.  A few friends were also able to join us so that was fun.  
Elise and her (blurred) friend Lydia.
Mom and the birthday girl!

Our afternoon was pretty low key.  Elise got to watch  a movie of her choice and James napped while I worked on birthday prep- dinner, cake and making sure the presents were wrapped!

This was the first year Elise had an opinion on her birthday meal.  She chose pepperoni pizza for dinner and for her cake chose funfetti cake and "pink" (strawberry) ice cream.  Good choices!

Present time!!

Art supplies!  Do a Dot markers and stamp markers
Princess Twilight Sparkle Castle
Giant Zebra Purse (she has named Sal)
Earmuffs for the girl who will NEVER wear a hat!
An art easel.  So much fun!!
After setting up her castle Daddy and Elise played castle and tea party all night long!

I LOVE this picture and the look on her face!  There is nothing better than making your kids happy.  Elise, we love you more than you'll ever know.  Happy 4th birthday sweet girl!

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emily said...

Aw, looks like a fun and special day! Her cake was super cute. I might have to copy that idea for next year. :)