Wednesday, October 16, 2013

End of Summer photo dump

We had summer-like weather through the middle of September so we were able to squeeze in lots of fun outdoor activities before it got too cold!  Here are a BUNCH of photos from the last weeks.  If you aren't interested in seeing a bunch of photos of my cute kiddos then this may not be the post for you.  Otherwise, enjoy!
Sometimes I put James in bed with Elise. Usually she loves it. She giggles and asks if he can sleep with her.  So sweet.
 We went on a walk one night and Elise insisted on bringing her stroller and her baby.  Monkey see, monkey do!
 Zack had been on call and didn't get home until 8am so I needed to keep the kids quiet. I decided to take them on a lunch date to the mall.  Elise had a blast. She wasn't happy that I only let her have one quarter when there were so many possibilities.
 I let her throw a few pennies into the wishing well.  She then said, "Mom!  I want more money!!"  Me too, Elise.  Me too.
 We went to a play date out at Bradford Beach with several friends from the ward.  It was such a beautiful day. 
 She loved getting all dirty and digging holes.
 Here is a picture of most everyone who came!
 Our neighborhood park got a sandbox put in this year.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  Elise LOVES it though so I guess that is what matters.  Here she is with Daddy burying some of her toys.
 I took Elise to Target to me and she kept hiding on the shelves.  Silly girl!
 Our friends, Max and Luke, turned ONE!  They had a big birthday party and all the kids had so much fun!  There were 3 pools and a slip n' slide set up. 
 Elise and Tinzley enjoying their cupcakes
 We went several more times to Lake Aizen for swimming.  It wouldn't be right without some Sprecher root beer!  Elise loves it!
 Elise went on her very first date!  She went with Dad to go get some ice cream from Baskin Robbins!  They both had a lot of fun!
 We took many walks to the park.  Well, I walked and Elise was pulled in this bad boy.
 I went to pull out the broiler tray in our oven and found this inside!  It melted a little bit, oops!  Elise yelled at me for "breaking" it but then decided it was still use able.
 I can't resist taking pictures of this smiley guy on our walks. So handsome.
 Elise getting buried in the sand.
 And finally, some beautiful chalk drawings at the park! 
We had so much fun this summer!  I can't believe it has already come and gone!!  My mind set was off a little this year since my goal was to make it to the end of May to have James. So it seems that the rest of the time has just flown by! 


erinmalia said...

your kids are adorable, emily! and i love those machines in the mall. you make me want to go there.

Elizabeth said...

so fun!

Nicole said...

Fun! Love your binky babies :) And where was your date with Zack?!! ;) So fun that you live by a real beach!