Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Current Update

Besides our adorable baby boy, we do have some other things going on in our lives that I thought I would share! 

-Zack is FINISHED taking his medical boards!  He has been done with school for about a month now but has been studying for 10-12 hour days preparing for the test!  He took it on June 13th and we are all thrilled to have that behind him! 

-After boards he had some free time so we decided to get out and explore Milwaukee a little bit!  Each day we tried to go somewhere new for us.  We went to the Milwaukee Public Museum, Atwater Beach, Pewaukee Waterski Show, swimming in Fred's pool and some other fun things.  It was great to have him with us on these new adventures!

-I joined what seems like the rest of the world and finally got an iPhone!  I have a used iPhone 4 and Zack decided to go with the 5.  We are LOVING them!!  Our last phones were so old and ghetto and seemed to be more frustrating than helpful so it's nice to have a phone that can do what you ask! 

-With my new iPhone I have been taking lots and lots of pictures with my phone instead of my camera. When I figure out how to get the pictures from my phone into a blog post, I'll add them.  I have great pictures from all the fun places we went :)  If you follow me on instagram you can see them there too!  My handle is emspugh27 if you are interested. 

-I'm really upset that Google Reader is going to disappear in a few days.  I STILL use it even though I have transferred all of my feeds to a new site.  I decided to go with The Old Reader because I don't like change much and it is very similar to google reader!  Only a few more days left :(

-Zack's parents are coming out for a visit this weekend and we are both SO excited!!  They are coming to meet our sweet baby James and of course to see Zack. If they didn't come here they would have to wait until Christmas time.  That would have been a whole year!  Yikes! 

-Monday Zack will officially be a THIRD year medical student!  I can't believe how fast time has flown!  I remember talking to some third year students to help us find an apartment out here and thinking that they were so far since they were already at year three and now we are!  Zack starts his rotations with out patient pediatrics.  Hopefully the doctors he'll be with will be helpful and nice and that he'll be the best student since he has 2 of his own kids already!  We're hoping that gives him an edge! 


Jenn and Daniel said...

I'm so sad about Google Reader too! I just made the switch to Feedly though and it's pretty user-friendly, should you decide to venture out of Reader :) You can get it as an app for your tablet, phone, etc. and you can import your Google Reader feed in no time. I like it so far!


Shantel said...

I'm still behind on the phone-times. I totally know what you mean about having a phone than can be more frustrating than helpful. Maybe someday we will join the iPhone world!

Also, SO fun to go and explore and be able to have Zack there with you. It sounds like you had a great time. Have fun with Zack's parents!