Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five

-Elise woke up Monday morning with a fever and was not herself. When it lasted into Tuesday I took her into see the doctor.  She has Herpetic stomatitis; which is a viral infection of the mouth that causes ulcers and inflammation. Poor girl has these sores all over her mouth/tongue and I can't get her to eat a thing!  She has been miserable and so have I.  It can take up to 10 days to go away and I'm only on day 5.  I really hope it won't take all 10- I'm not sure how much more either of us can take!

-It is already May!!  I am due this month- I can't believe how fast it's come!  I had a doctors appointment on Monday and I haven't started to dilate at all but my doctor says things are progressing as they should at this point!  Anyone want to take a guess at when the baby will actually arrive?!  Due May 28th and I was 2 days late with Elise.  I'd love to hear everyone's predictions!

-As Zack's 2nd year of med school is wrapping up, his exams are piling on!  Yesterday he had his OSCE exam.  An OSCE is basically a practice physical you give to someone.  He practiced on me a few times and let me tell you- this isn't your average physical. It covers everything imaginable.  He had to remember everything to check and do it on a practice patient yesterday.  I'm happy to say that he totally nailed it :) 

-I finished reading the book Wonder by RJ Palacio.  My sister Natalie suggested it and I really enjoyed it. It was a fun, quick read and I really liked all the different stories and perspectives from the characters in it. 

-My mom booked her flight out to Milwaukee!!  I keep joking that I'm just as excited for my mom to come visit as I am to meet our little boy :)  She flies out May 25th and gets to stay until June 7th!!  She is even going to be here over her birthday to help us out.  What a great mom!


Rachel said...

Haha, I think I'm also just as excited to have my mom come as the baby. That's so great that she gets to stay for so long! I hope poor Elise feels better soon, that sounds awful!

Shantel said...

I'm going to say May 28th. I just have a feeling that this baby is punctual. :) (Haha, really I have no idea.)

I read Wonder last year and thought it was really interesting. I'm glad you liked it.

emily said...

oh so sad about elise! that sounds like no fun; i hope she recovers quickly!

i'll guess may 27th b/c 27 is a lucky number for me . . .

miles and i are reading wonder - i like it a lot so far! it's my book-club choice and so hopefully everyone else will like it, too.

yay for moms coming out - i know you'll enjoy her there.

Trisha said...

Oh poor Elise! Jack had something similar a couple years ago. Have you tried magic mouth wash? It's amazing.

Niederfam said...

Yay, I'm glad you liked Wonder, it is a cute story. ;)