Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recent Craft Projects

Since Elise has been born I have had a lot less time to sit around and make projects- no surprise there.  Recently I found that I have been bit by the crafty bug again and made some cute projects that I wanted to share!

First off- the diaper clutch!
I made this to keep all her diapers and wipes coordinated in my diaper bag!  Without the clutch, they seem to find their way to the bottom, and every time I go out I put more in it and I end up with 10 diapers in there!  Now it is organized, and cute!
I made it with some of the left over fabric my mom had from making Elise's baby quilt.
Loaded up and ready to go!  Next thing I made was a Snuggly Owl that I saw on the blog Make it and Love it.  It was a lot of fun and super easy to make.  Elise can't play with it too much yet, but I know she will love it one day!  I brought it over to show my sister Nicole and her little girl Molly couldn't get enough of it- I think it's safe to say it was a success!
Who wouldn't want to snuggle up with this?!

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erinmalia said...

cute stuff, em. where did you get the pattern for the clutch? or did you just make it up?