Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandma's Quilts

If any of you know my mother, you know she is a QUILTER.  She started about 15 years ago, and has been going strong ever since!  She is one of the most talented women I know, and I look up to her so much!  One thing my mom likes to do is to make each married couple a quilt, as well as a quilt for each grandchild.  Today's post is to show those off!

I picked out the quilt I wanted my mom to make for Zack and I the summer before we were married.  I saw it in a magazine and fell in love with it!  The pattern was so neat- I love how it plays with your eyes.  It looks like a kaleidoscope right?  I asked my mom if that was an "ok" quilt for her to make and she gave it the go ahead!  That being said, this was the hardest quilt my mom has ever made!  It took many many hours of intricate cutting and piecing!  She also had to add even more quilt blocks because the pattern for for a queen and we have a king size bed(I'll ask her how many blocks she had to make!). She finished it last November and just finished putting the binding on it.  I love it- it couldn't be more perfect!  It might be a little late but certainly worth the wait!

This is the quilt my mom made for Elise.   I love the simplicity of this row quilt and especially the fabrics!  My favorite thing on it are the appliqued' birds and the yo yo's she has sewn on.  It was machine quilted and makes cute little flowers and vines across the quilt.  It won't show in the picture- but it is great.

I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented mother!  Mom, these are certainly heirloom quilts that we will keep and cherish forever and will be passed down with love!  Thanks again!


erinmalia said...

those are beautiful. do you even dare use them?!

Jewls said...

I love them! Quilting takes so much patience, but I think it would be fun to get into it...and those quilts are definitely treasures!

Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

Your mom is so talented! I love both of them!

Noelle said...

Oh my goodness, I know nothing about quilting but I know enough to see that those are intricate! WOW!! Nice work Mama Galbraith. Those are amazing. My sister made a quilt for a boyfriend once and used one of those quilting machines - they are sa-weet!!

Rachel said...

Beautiful! What a neat thing to have.

Niederfam said...

Yay!!!! Now maybe she can work on Emery's...... HE HE HE....KIDDING mom, just kidding.......;)

They really did turn out FANTASTIC, and YES, we are SO LUCKY to have such a talented mommy. ;)