Thursday, June 3, 2010

"So what will you do all summer?"

This was a question I was/am asked quite frequently since I get the summer off (PERK of being a teacher!) and I have no kids to take care of.  Well, I can't say that I have plans for everyday this summer but I was quite productive yesterday.

Fortunately for me, Rachel is also a childless teacher with time off and Shauna is a retired accountant because she will be Momma to a little baby boy and day now!  So we headed up to The Wood Connection in Salt Lake where we all bought PLENTY of fun decorations to paint and make our own.  After that we had lunch at Paradise Bakery- it was delicious as always.  Then we decided if these wood letters were ever to be painted rather than just tucked away in a closet until we "got around to it", we better go buy the paint!  So off to Michaels we went were I'm pretty sure I bought 30 different paint colors.  Guess that means I won't be buying and for a LOOONG time :)

When we got back home, I decided while I was in the 'mood' I would get started.  I was surprised myself with all that I got done!  What do you think? 

This is the 'Home Set' from Wood connection.  Its pretty buy the letters H, M, and E and then the 'O' is a different object for every month.  For these months it was the flower for May, ladybug for June, Uncle Sam's hat for July, and the spiral sun for August.  I love how they turned out!

This is my new summer display!  I love the bright colors.  I decided for this month to not use the 'home' sign cause I like this so much more :)  I still decided to use the flower and the sun because they match and are fun.  The 'U' in summer is supposed to be flip-flops if you can't tell.

See how productive I am when I put my mind to something???  Next up- TACKLE our embarrassing extra bedroom that has become our collection of junk through the year we have lived here.  Wish me luck!


Elizabeth said...

Cute! I love the "summer" one too, especially the flip flops.

Rachel said...

They turned out so cute! Good job. When I came home I made dinner then Bryan did homework all night so I painted the rest of mine. My uncle sam's hat looks totally different because I didn't have the picture, but it turned out okay. Thanks for a fun day!

Niederfam said...

Good luck with the bedroom!!! Excellent wood connection projects, I'm impressed.

And don't get too comfortable, I'm just about to hit you up for "mommy boot camp" as in, asking you to help watch my 3 kiddos while I accompany P to Vegas the first of August. SO???? Please, pretty please???? ;) They are a delight and Emery is sleeping from 8-5am....come on!!!!

Hailey Jones said...

love your life. same as mine. but without the teaching certificate. maybe someday.
i love you.
and did you know dolce works at the wood co. well she has since she was like 4. but only on mondays so maybe you saw her cute face.
wheny ou are done with your spare bedroom please come do that to mine.