Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it is just that we haven't been doing anything!  I (Emily) only have 12 days of school left until summer :)  I really don't think that I have EVER been more excited for summer- I guarantee I want it more than the students.  As for my summer plans- I plan to do nothing!  We have lots of fun trips planned for the summer, and as the teacher I have to go to trainings and be there a few weeks earlier than my students anyway.  I figure nobody will hire me for 2 months!  Best part of being a teacher is that even though I won't be working, my paycheck will still come!

Zack decided to take a few more weeks to study for the MCAT and now will be taking it on June 17th.  Please keep him in your prayers and your fingers crossed for him.  His school at BYU has been over since the end of April but you would never guess that since he is at school studying all day for the MCAT.  He has been taking practice tests like crazy and is doing very well.  I know it will pay off when he takes the real one!

This weekend I was able to throw a baby shower for my good friend Shauna.  She is having a little boy in June so we decided it was high time to shower her with some gifts!  We went with the theme "She's about to POP!"  I found it on a website and loved the idea.  Here is a picture of the food:
Everything we served had to do with the theme.  We served: POP tarts, POPsicles, soda POP, POP corn, blow POPs and bakerella's fabulous cake POPS.  Definitely a different menu for a baby shower but fun all of the same.  We played some really fun games including matching celebrity couples with their babies and guessing the circumference of Shauna's belly- I won!!  It was pretty fun :)  Here is a picture of me, Shauna, and the great girls that threw the shower with me.


Rachel said...

12 days- HOORAY!! We definitely have to hang out this summer (and you have to teach me how to sew...please?!?!) because I plan on doing nothing too! This is when I am so grateful to be a teacher :)

tracy said...

Yes! Another USU grad! :) And, another hubby (think, Diana) trying for med about Virginia? :)

Good books for vacay

"Autobiogrphy of an Execution" by David Dow Excellent About a defense attorney whose clients are on death row. <3

Anything by Yasmina Kadra especially "Wolf Dreams" and "The Attack"

Any of Atul Gawande, MD's books...he is just boo of the medical world!

Nicole said...

What a cute party! Nice work.

Niederfam said...

Cute idea!!! LOVE it. Looks FUN.......;)

Wendy said...

Good luck to both of you! So much pressure!!! That's awesome that he's doing so well on the practice tests. I'm sure he'll do really well on the real thing! We'll definitely keep you guys in our prayers!

BJ's been non-existent lately as he's taking Ochem this summer and trying to study for the DAT at the same time. I'm not sure which is worse, being the one with all the pressure, or the one who has to stand back hoping and praying that the other will do well!

Young Family said...

Very cute idea for the shower! You are so sweet and cute to do that for Shauna. By the way this is Heather Smith Young and Ifound you through Renee and Ben Beus:)