Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Niederhausers

Yesterday I had the day off of work (hooray for furlough day!!)  so I decided to join my mom and head up to Mountain Green to meet my new niece Emery Jane!  I had a great time playing with the boys and holding cute little Emery.  Even at 5 lbs 5 oz. she still has a tiny double chin- so cute!

Major, Emery and Mitt with their favorite Auntie Em!
When I was there, the boys were interested in my necklace.  So, I saw an opportunity and took it!  I explained to Mitt that the jewels on my necklace were the following:
-Heart of a Lion
-Tooth from a Sabertooth Tiger
-Heart of a Goat
-And a shark tooth

Mitt thought this was VERY cool (who wouldn't?!) and decided to make himself a paper necklace just like mine.  He said all mine was missing was a deer antler, which he made for me.  So sweet!  Here is Mitt showing off his awesome necklace.


Thanks for letting me come hang out for the day Niederhausers!


Niederfam said...

He's STILL wearing it with pride telling everyone about BOTH of your necklaces!! We had FUN too. Thanks for coming to see us!!!

Elizabeth said...

Aunts sure are fun. I love that Mitt made you a deer antler for your necklace. Very cool.