Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure...

Took an interesting turn last night. Thanks to reality TV I was sucked into watching the 2 hour finale of 'The Bachelor'. I was so happy that for once I was right in who they picked from the beginning! I liked both Melissa and Molly but liked Melissa more. I was so excited to see that he picked her!

However, after staying tuned for the 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose' I found that Jason and Melissa were going to break up! Another Bachelor romance down the drain when all the lights and the cameras stopped rolling. Why do I keep getting sucked in season after season?

What were you thinking? I liked you. I thought you were a good guy. You seemed to know and understand from your experiences. I guess I understand if it wasn't woring, but you were in 2 different cities the whole time! Of course things will be different! Phone calls just don't suffice! I think you at LEAST saved your breakup between the two of you at home where she was free to yell at you and get all of her questions answered and not on national television sandwiched between you and Chris Harrison. Awkward and unfair.

"I just don't understand. I think you made a big mistake." Looks like you were right after all. If I were you I would have given him a second chance as well. What is life if you are always wondering 'what if'? I'm curious to see where this goes. I also LOVED the facial expressions as you found out he still loved you. Priceless. Even my husband got a kick out of those.

I liked you from the beginning and I still like you now. I am sorry for the way that you were treated. If they should choose for you to be the next Bachelorette I will be sucked in once again it seems. Looks like you will have to fight it over with Jillian. Wishing you the best!! I agree, Jason wouldn't fight for you and is a jerk!

Oh, and here is some juice I found on the Access Hollywood website...
"As previously reported in her blog prior to Monday’s finale, the “Bachelor” and the runner-up had been seeing quite a bit of each other – while Jason was still engaged to Melissa.

“I spoke to my source who revealed that apparently Jason had been seeing Molly behind Melissa’s back the whole time and that ABC [was] going to play it off like he had a ‘change of heart’ to the fans and the media,” Laura wrote. “In a series of e-mails, the source obtained (which have also made their way onto the Internet), Jason apologizes to Melissa for hurting her. My source has spoken to Melissa to try to get a sense of how she is holding up but she would not reveal anything.”


erinmalia said...

although this show has yet to suck me in, i'm glad to see others get worked up about reality TV. i'm not alone!

Wendy said...

BJ and I were flipping channels last night and got sucked into the drama and all I can say is JASON IS A FREAKING IDIOT! Now everyone hates him and his reputation is pretty much ruined. Poor Melissa.

Brittany said...

I was a Mel fan from day one. Molly needed to freaking do her hair and blend her makeup. I think that Mel was a much better choice if he was going for a good wife and mother for his son. Molly was all about excitement. I agree with Mel that he didn't even try to fight for her. Of course the relationship if going to be different after the show is over. Hello! 6 weeks is not long enough to just give up. Of course he's still thinking about Molly, it was only 6 weeks. UGH. They'll break up in 6 months and Mel will have the last laugh. :)

Lance and Jewls said...

Ha ha! I liked Jill the best so I am just glad that she's the new bachelorette. I think that this show is all fake anyway, so I just laughed it off!

Nicole said...

Ha ha, loved your post, very enjoyable :) I still like Molly tho, don't know if I should, but I do!