Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Five

Hello everyone!! It's been a looong time and I am overdue for a post, so here goes!!

-After having our car out of the shop for less than a week it started driving funny and even smoking!  We brought it back and they owned up to the problem- there was a faulty spark plug put in when they changed them last week.  I'm SO happy they were honest about it and didn't charge us more money.

-I bought all of these products as well as the Knot Genie brush hoping that hair time will be much more enjoyable in the Pugh house.  Elise barely lets me touch her hair and has THE softest head.  The reviews for the brush made it sound like magic and I'm hoping that's true!

-Zack is back!!  He took a vacation month to recharge and spend some time with his family back in Utah and got back this past Tuesday.  Elise hasn't let him out of her sights since!  We are all happy he is home.

-I was inspired after reading this post to kick up my efforts to teach the kids about the Gospel.  I'm going to try to d a short (like 2 yr. old short) devotional with the kids each morning.  I even ordered a Book of Mormon stories book to read through with Elise. I think we'll have fun singing some primary songs and seeing the pictures in the book. 

-Tomorrow is the General Relief Society Broadcast which is essentially a girls night out for my church.  We get to have a wonderful dinner together at the church and then get to hear some wonderful talks from some inspiring women!